I love cute things and I cannot lie. I don’t do “spreads” in my personal planner, I use whatever stickers float my boat that week. I EVEN mix and match themes! *gasp* That’s right: you will find designed sets here, (usually from specific requests…ok, or my obsessions…) but no judgement. True crime stickers will sit side by side with cute kitten stickers. Welcome to the Siostra side of things. Let the day planning commence with much glee and squeals about adorableness!!  “Purchase. Print. PLAN!” {Best said in a British accent.}

I like my big box store day planner, a lot, actually, but it doesn’t include the phases of the moon. When I couldn’t find stickers I liked to add to my planner, I made my own! It was then that I discovered there were a lot of stickers I couldn’t find for my planner, not just the phases of the moon, but stickers to note when I’d planted something, or started a medicine that needed to sit for a month. This is when Obrys Magic was birthed. It is a work in progress, and I intend to include all sorts of stickers for pagans, tarot readers, and herbalists. Welcome to the magic side!  {{throws confetti}}